Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Cupcake Courier

Have you guys seen this?!? I never heard of The Cupcake Courier until I saw it at Costco last week. They had pink, clear, and blue. The blue is more like a robin egg/Martha Stewart blue color and I was naturally drawn to it.

I made some chocolate cream cupcakes that I topped with chocolate gananche tonight just so I could use this! Okay, well I had some leftover ganache in the fridge that I wanted to use up and I was in the mood to bake something new. Here is the recipe for to cupcakes that I made:

Now, back to The Cupcake Courier. Apparently they also make flat inserts which you purchase seperately so you can cover the cupcake spots making this a versatile for storage and transportation of your sweet treats.

My local Costco is selling them for $16.99. They can also be found on, but Costco has the best deal on them. Here is the offical Cupcake Courier website:

Have you heard of The Cupcake Courier? Do you have one?


  1. That is so cool! I have a similar carrier that has two trays for cupcakes, but I like the three! The flat inserts are a great idea - wonder if they make them for the one I have?

  2. You can also take the cupcake trays out and use this as a carrier to a tall cake, or use the flat inserts over the cupcake trays and stack cookies or brownies. I thought this was so neat! The lady who came up with the concept wanted a carrier that would fit all the cupcakes she would bake or enough for her child's classroom in one easy carrier.

  3. Hi MSC, I just wanted to give you this URL. They have a link up party every Friday called Foody Friday, it's a great way to meet other bloggers and gain followers. You take such amazing photo's! Here's the link:
    You have to sign up for a McLinky but it's super easy and you just choose a recipe to share, usually over 100 people participate so it's fun seeing all the other blogs:)

  4. Thanks Victoria! I really, really appreciate it. I am still learning how to navigate Blogger. I will participate in the Foody Friday. Thanks for the link! ((HUGS)) Kelly

  5. Yes I saw this at Costco and debated it -- didn't realize that it could be used for other things! I might get one when I go back.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comments!

    Scribbler at

  6. Your welcome Scribbler, I will be back to your blog, I really enjoyed it!

  7. I saw these at Costco too...but wonderful how tall the icing can be in order to fit in the holder. I usually pipe my icing on tall and was concerned it would be too tall.
    Still thinking about buying one anyways...I love cupcakes. P.S. found your blog on allrecipes. Love your detailed reviews

  8. Thanks for the kind response Holly! I am hoping to continue to blog more and more on both this site and AllRecipes! There is a decent space between each stacked year. I don't pipe my icing on extremely high, but I am generous. I used it today, and I was able to transport cupcakes that I piped icing onto and then pressed a puffy cookie on top and there was plenty of clearance. If you are interested in a Cupcake Courier, I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up at Costco because they are more expensice elsewhere. I used one of my layers for stacking cookies, so it has multiple uses.


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