Friday, February 19, 2010

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

So, I got this idea in my head last year after Easter that I would like to start a new tradition after have way too much candy leftover. It was a lot of the same; Snickers, Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Nestle Crunch, and M&M's. I love to eat sweets, but I was struggling to eat another bite of this candy.

That is when I decided I want to make most of our own candy for Easter each year with my daughter. There is a local cake and candy specialty store in San Diego called, "Do It With Icing" and they have a gazillion different candy molds to chose from. I have been dabbling with chocolates for the past two years and even managed to temper chocolate by hand, so I figured this was something that I could handle.

Today, my daughter and I went to that specialty store and I was immediately overwhelmed with the selection of candy molds available. I began picking out molds that I would like to have and started to add up the prices, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money at once.

I opted for a candy mold that makes cute 3 inch tall bunnies. They were the perfect size for allowing me to add a filling. I am happy with my purchase and my plan is to start slow and eventually work my way up to making most of the candy at Easter.

For these cuties, I used Bakers Milk Chocolate and peanut butter and powdered sugar for the filling. I admit that I didn't measure the peanut butter and powdered sugar, but I mix it together until I got the consistency and taste I desired.

To create the bunnies:

1.) Melt milk chocolate at 30 second increments just until the wafers begin to lose their shape and stir until smooth.
2.) Using a Wilton paint brush, brush the chocolate up the sides of the mold and allow to dry.
3.) Mix peanut butter and powdered sugar until creamy.
4.) Once the milk chocolate shell is dry, press peanut butter mixture into the chocolate shell.
5.) Seal the peanut butter mixture in by covering the it with the remain milk chocolate and allow to dry.

**If you do not temper your chocolate, you can speed up the process by cooling the chocolate in the refrigerator. **

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy these tasty treats!


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  1. Super cute! I'm going to make Easter candy for my boy's this year too :) I really wanted to do it last year, but we were in the middle of moving and such so I wasn't able to. I'm super excited!


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